Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Strong Black Woman

So I was on Facebook and this guy posted a status about what do people feel is the definition of a strong black woman. Someone responded with this answer:
One who is independent (requires little to no assist from anyone), one who can carry her own weight, one who can overcome situation in her life and still come up on top, one who don’t require validation from anyone. One who sees herself in a situation and find solutions instead of coming up with excuses. One who believes in herself when no one does. One who can stand on her own two feet without using someone or ppl as a crutch. One who go through life struggling and never complains, but continue to press forward. One who don’t take stuff from anyone. One who speaks her mind not caring what anyone else thinks of her. One who leads by example and never a follower. One who carries her self classy and know they time when she needs to be sassy. One who walks with her head up and not look down at the ground. One who struts because she is confident In terms of relationship: All of the above plus one who supports her mate, sits down and be a woman knowing she has a mate who can stand up and be a man. One who helps out when her man is struggling, one who caters to him, one who don’t make her man feel intimated by her success. One who walks hand and hand, one who got her man back 100% when he feels like he let her down. -Andrea Sheppard
I think that about completely sums it up and no more needs to be said. I just had to post this.


  1. I strive to be all those things, and set an set an example for my daughter!!

  2. So do I. I was just blown away when I ran across this. This is something I expected to compile from seeing everyone's different responses. But to see one person give all of that, she was definitely speaking from the heart.