Friday, May 28, 2010

Photog Friday: Extraordinarily Ordinary

 since I've been learning to manually use Kam and I really didn't get an assigned photography project this week, I decided to come up with one on my own.

I decided to take pictures of ordinary things that people probably wouldn't think to look twice at. When photographed properly, they are still ordinary, but they become extraordinary.

These are pictures of a concrete wall that has a metal pipe running across the top. It had just stopped raining and mold and corrosion from the pipe were running down the wall. Don't know why it caught my eye, but it was really cool.

This was from a brick wall in the student lounge at school. For the most part, all of the other bricks are intact. This one brick is just chipping away and had this really cool discoloration to it.

This flower actually caught my eye because it was the only one there. It was just sitting pretty, nestled in some grass and leaves growing all over the place. I took this immediately after it stopped raining so it was really cool to get the detail of all the rain drops on the flower petals.

This was a fun project for me to work on mainly because I made it up myself so I didn't have any real rules. I just took pictures of whatever caught my eye. This day it just happened to be things that normally wouldn't catch someone's eye.

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