Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My New Camera

Ok so I finally got some halfway decent photos of my new camera. It's a Canon Rebel XS/EOS 1000D. I love it so much I even gave it a name, Kam. Yes my camera has a name.

This is my first DSLR so I'm super excited about it. So far so good. We learned all the controls and how to manually operate our cameras in photography class, so I had fun playing with it and taking random shots.

The lens is an EFS 18-55mm lens with image stabilizer. It's pretty good and it gets the job done, but I definitely have my sights set on a bigger lens. Any suggestions??

Well I'm definitely enjoying my new camera so far and I might actually be getting the hang of it...Maybe

Stay tuned for all the random and not so random shots that I take with Kam.

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